Episode 32: Ghosted (w/ Phil Wang)

I still vividly remember the very first Wong Fu Productions video I had ever watched. Wong Fu Productions then quickly rose to become one of the few YouTubers which I started to watch frequently and it was for the very reason that they produced content which I could relate to. What interested me was the fact that despite years on end of producing shorts, they never stuck to a rigid form of creating content. Alongside their content which has grown by miles throughout the years, the three lads also saw a change whereby their core team now consists of Phil, Wes, Christine Chen and Taylor Chan. They recently graced out shores to promote their first ever full-length film and told Vulcan Post that it has been really cool to see the fans responding well to the new additions in their team. For instance, Christine is a crucial member in More Wong Fu , their second channel, and with her constant outflow of ideas, she has been able to take charge of this particular channel. Taylor, on the other hand is a great editor and writing partner and with the addition of himself and Christine, they have been able to work seamlessly together to further the Wong Fu brand.

Wong Fu’s Philip Wang Proposes to Asian Boss Girl’s Helen Wu at Her Childhood Home

Philip Wang is a Film Producer. Ted Fu earned most of his money from co-founding the digital content company Wong Fu Productions. His birth flower is Marigold and birthstone is Opal and Tourmaline. He initially intended to pursue a career in economics, but became dedicated to filmmaking after starting Wong Fu Productions during his high school years and meeting collaborators Wesley Chan and Ted Fu in Philip Wang Net Worth. His net worth accumulated due to the success in his career as a filmmaker, producer and entrepreneur.

WFP is an independent new media production company, founded by Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang. We are primarily known for our YouTube channel.

F In lazer blast emote music. Philip had at least 1 relationship in the past. He currently resides in California, United States. Despite being seen as trailblazers, Wong Fu Productions still self-funds many of their new projects. In , to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Wong Fu Productions, he and his collaborators released a short film featuring such web video stars, filmmakers, and reality television personalities as Philip Wang born October 28, is famous for being film producer.

He is not dating anyone currently. We like to tell stories, whether they’re funny, sad, or thoughtful. One third of the film and web production company Wong Fu Productions, this entertainment entrepreneur was one of the creators of a YouTube Channel that has accumulated over 2 million subscribers. Philip Wang is a film producer from California, United States. Co-creator Philip Wang isn’t surprised, but he’s frustrated Philip Wang is single. Philip Wang has not been previously engaged.

Philip Wang, co-founder of independent digital content company Wong Fu Productions, announced the opening of his own bubble tea cafe in Southern California.

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When Alec Sahagian Sr. On the day of the actual event, the theater was full before the first office hours bell rang, and the gym, which had a live stream from the theater, filled up as well. With over 1. They produce short films, skits and music videos.

But for the co-founders of Wong Fu Productions, a digital production company The first episode of its most ambitious series to date, Yappie, has been watched more Philip Wang (L) and Wesley Chan (R), pictured in

Wesley Chan. Lunch Break. Philip Wang. Philip Wang Popularity. Wang attended the University of California, San Diego and he graduated with a degree in video productions. Wang stands at a height of 5 feet 13 inches, he weighs 71kg, he is fair in complexion, has black hair color and blue eye color. Wang is of American nationality but he is of Chinese descent and ethnicity.

The Wong Fu productions YouTube channel has accumulated over 4 million active channel subscribers and over million lifetime video views and Wang is also active on social media as he has over , Twitter followers and he is also active on a host of other social media networks. Ryan Higa. Scorpio Producer 8. Age 30 years old. Philip Wang Fans Also Viewed.

After a decade on YouTube, Wong Fu Productions still has a story to tell

Authentic, not appointed, Asian American voices of all genders and classes must fight imposed irrelevance. This is Asian American populism. Their Yellow Fever short was genuinely funny and dared to broach a forbidden topic all the way back in ! While the rest of their oeuvre can be hit-or-miss, they deserve credit for establishing that beachhead.

Dating relationships in the wong fu productions’ polished filmmaking group composed of modern dating phil wang and cathy nguyen. Apiasf and wong fu.

To date, this LA-based independent film house has had more than million views on their YouTube channel and over a million subscribers. What does Wong Fu mean? It was just something I used in a few videos for fun and it snowballed into this. It has nothing to do with our last names, which is what a lot of people think. If Wong Fu was a human being, how would you describe it? Wesley Chan: It would be… PW: …like us! WC: It would be very happy-go-lucky with its own moments of deep thought.

It would be someone that everyone is friends with; very approachable and positive. It would be someone that wants to learn and keep getting better. PW: Hopefully a good role model. WC: I think I just described the ideal person. This is a tough one—if you had to choose, which would be your favorite video and why? His music is so good we wanted to make sure we matched it with good visuals. What inspires your work?

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Both Wang and Wu made separate announcements about their milestones on their Instagram accounts yesterday. Happiest moment of my life!!! Philip popped out of a shed.. You give me hope, strength, and excitement for life. You are my home away from home. I cannot wait to grow old with you and all your inevitable dad jokes.

Star Wars Fandom is a Dating Dealbreaker for Wong Fu Productions Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu of Wong Fu Productions are.

Founded in , Wong Fu Productions has posted several of its video shorts about Asian-American culture and identity for viewing on its featured works page. Anthony Keem May 15, By creating everything from short films to original series, the year-old, Pasadena-based company explores such subjects such as identity racism, and love through the lense of everyday settings. The web series takes on the challenges of defining what it means to be more culturally aware of this identity. This sets into motion his exploration of what it means to be an Asian American.

The free episodes on YouTube are able to strongly convey the growth of Andrew in his search for self-acceptance and coming to terms with his heritage. The acting is done in such a way that the audience will find Andrew as a possible insert for a person in real life. The portrayal of his emotions as he progresses through the various stages of accepting and integrating his cultural identity is very organic.

Though the central character is Andrew, viewers also get some clever interactions among his four other cast members. While the content would be most relatable to adults, the series is nevertheless an interesting examination of the Asian-American identity for high school students to consider checking out. It would be recommended that those sensitive to explicit language, references to alcohol and mild sexual themes view the series with caution.

Moreover, general thematic elements like learning to be introspective and personal growth are exercised more heavily. This leads him in a rejection of identity, which accumulates in increasingly damaging social disasters. The continuous fallouts drive him to better understand himself and the feeling of those around him.

The Yappie Rebellion Must Commence

Pixar launched the emotional short film Bao , Killing Eve ‘s Sandra Oh earned a historic Emmy nomination , and people are continuing to call out The Simpsons ‘ problematic depiction of Apu. Created by Philip Wang and developed by Wong Fu Productions which has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube , the comedy-drama centres on the Asian American experience. Wong Fu recently finished publishing its five-episode first season on YouTube, so it’s free to watch from start to finish.

Wang plays Andrew, a young Asian professional “yappie” who is content with his 9-to-5 software engineer job and oblivious to his place in the world. Over the course of the first season and with some guidance from his nearly entirely Asian group of family and friends with stars including Julie Zhan, Janine Oda, and Kim’s Convenience ‘s Simu Liu , Andrew’s eyes are opened.

Wong Fu Productions is an independent digital production company specializing Premium, and most recently, our series “Yappie” and “Dating After College. “​Wong Fu produces character-based short films, which [Philip] Wang believes is.

Walking into Bopomofo Cafe in the San Gabriel Valley — aka land of the best Chinese food in Los Angeles — the Cold Tea Collective crew is greeted by friendly staff at the counter, and not far from the front door, a wild Phil Wang is spotted, working on what could very well be the next big script for Wong Fu Productions. Wang is co-founder of the new cafe along with business partner Eric Wang no relation. Frequented by Wong Fu fans and boba lovers alike, Bopomofo Cafe is something everyone can understand.

Three years after initially deciding to make the cafe a reality, Wang continues to share progress photos and real talk about running a business. How many mofos does it take to put together our new outdoor seating?? New menu items, new things around our cafe. Stay tuned! A post shared by bopomofo bopomofocafe on May 28, at pm PDT. The first time Wang went to a boba shop was in high school and he recalled feeling a sense of empowerment. After college, Wang moved to the San Gabriel Valley, where Bopomofo is now located, and got to writing some of our favourite Wong Fu scripts in boba shops.

We wanted to reinvest in the community.

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Matthew Choi , Reporter May 3, Wong Fu has more than 2. The concept is intentionally analogous to standardized test and credit scores, Wang said. The movie follows the narratives of two couples as they struggle to maintain relationships, navigating issues of long distance dating, work pressure and school, to maintain a high score.

Despite being seen as trailblazers, Wong Fu Productions still self-funds many of their new projects. Founding He is not dating anyone currently. Philip Wang’s Philip Wang is a film producer from California, United States. Co-creator Philip.

Welcome to YouTube Millionaires , where we profile channels that have recently crossed the one million subscriber mark. There are channels crossing this threshold every week, and each has a story to tell about YouTube success. Read previous installments of YouTube Millionaires here. This installment of YouTube Millionaires is brought to you by Segway. Tubefitler: How does it feel to have more than 2.

What do you have to say to your fans? Why do you think your videos have resonated with viewers? WF: I think us having lasted so long while creating this type of content is a testament to a couple things. One, that there is an audience for people who want to feel emotional, be drawn in, be moved by content even on YouTube. YouTube can be a place for something other than personalities and jokes, but also a place for meaningful messages and stories.

We do our best to balance dramatic and comedic content, but to continuously be able to create stories that can move people to tears is not easy to do. Single By 30 is a great example of that, being the first scripted drama on YouTube Red. TF: A big theme of your work is representation. Why is it important to you to feature such diverse casts?

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Philip lived in California prior to graduating from high school. In , he had unofficially established Wong Fu Productions, and made various film projects with his high school class mates. Following his graduation, he attended the University of California, San Diego, where he met Wesley Chan and Ted Fu in , during a visual arts class they took together. After moving to Los Angeles, the three continued to film original shorts and other videos, and uploaded them to their Youtube channel.

It’s in that light that I’d like to celebrate Wong Fu Productions today. Over the last weekend, two of the co-founders of Wong Fu, Phil and Wes, visited Many of Wong Fu’s videos explore dating relationships in particular, but.

Even before they arrived, the anticipation was visible, with people whipping their heads towards the doors every time they thought the duo was about to come in. People were chatting left and right about how excited they were that this was actually happening. It was evident just how much Wong Fu means to many of the students at Wash. The producers discussed representation in diversity across all forms of media.

Wang and Chan did an amazing job at making the whole event very comfortable rather than intimidating; listening to them was like listening to your friends. Their answers would somehow simultaneously make the crowd laugh, coo and nod in agreement. Phil and Wes talked a lot about finding ground in the entertainment industry.

Rather than letting the project fall through, the company decided to take the matter into their own hands, funding and producing the endeavor themselves. Another poignant detail of the event was spending time discussing careers, which is especially relevant for college students. They emphasized how young college students are when it comes to immersing ourselves in the professional world and finding our paths; trial and error are both parts the journey. There were definitely some students who really wanted to get picked, with one standing up to get their attention and another making a quick impromptu sign using a Student Life notepad that one may or may not have been me.

There was great commentary that engaged Chan and Wang with the audience, even dishing out some advice on relationships and dating. It was an amazing experience for so many of the students who went to the event. As for the future of Wong Fu, both men agreed that simply continuing to be able to make content is the plan.

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Who is phil from wong fu productions dating An Interactive Documentary. Wongfu productions was unofficially established wong fu holiday notes. To date, wesley chan, known for a few years. Wong fu productions will be one of your youtube. On the series, what he is now l-r wesley chan from popular youtube. That’s your tinder match, creators of team wong fu productions channel has a boyfriend.

Topics: Wong Fu Productions. Date and Time Wong Fu Productions is a YouTube-based Asian American film production group founded in by Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu. They have since gained over 3.

This friend is the only male character without a name in the entire short. The scene ends with Andrew stammering in disbelief and Phil grinning and pointing at the camera. Though each of these personalities and artists initially developed his or her work independently, collaboration has enabled these particular personalities to dominate the Asian American popular culture landscape, efficiently producing a steady flow of videos similar in content and form. And though there are certainly other Asian American YouTube channel producers that enjoy significant followings, their production largely follows the standards for success set forth by Wong Fu, Higa, and Wu—perhaps hoping to follow their success.

Never before have we had a platform where artists can freely express themselves, with content readily viewable by the world. Viewing Yellow Fever should dismantle any suggestion that the Internet is a utopian, democratic space or that the embodiment of users in real life and the presence of hegemonic structures that divide along lines of social difference are not borne out into cyberspace and the cultural production located therein.

In the film, female characters are either white or of East Asian background, and are uniformly thin with long, straight black hair. The scene with Indian American Richard, who in the film is not included within the definition of Asian, reaffirms the dominance of East Asians and exclusion of South Asians from the categories of Asian and Asian American.

In fact, I would also suggest that the relative success that Wong Fu enjoyed after the release of Yellow Fever helped these problematic representations become somewhat codified, providing a general outline for many to follow in order to garner hits and attention.

My Date With Wong Fu Productions (Philip Wang and Wesley Chan) (Interview Sessions)